How can Immigrants help U.S. Technology firms?

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Representatives from the nation’s most princely organizations challenged the next presidential organization to update immigration and education programs amid a Democratic National Convention forum on Wednesday. CICS puts some light on the issue.

Individuals from the nonpartisan Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, which pushes for technological and scientific progressions, asked lawmakers to change longstanding immigration laws that confine the extend to what people can work or study in the United States. The specialists likewise said a lack of eagerness for STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math – education programs among minorities makes it hard to contend all around.

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“This is no more a Microsoft, Amazon, or Facebook issue,” said Brad Smith, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer, as indicated by CNET. “Organizations are just on a par with the general population we hire.” Smith included that enhancing and engendering such projects starts with government.

Washington state Rep. Suzan DelBene…

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Things to look for while choosing an immigration consultant

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What exactly is immigration and why does one feel the need to immigrate. To be precise immigration means moving to some other country and the reasons why people immigrate vary from person to person.


For better standard of living, better career prospects or a spouse from different country and many more. What plays a crucial role here is how to proceed from the point of inception of the idea to finally migrating to your preferred country. Well the first step is to choose a reliable immigration consultancy which will get you through the tedious paperwork and formalities. Continental immigration services reviews the latest in the immigration market to keep the aspirants for migration updated always.

A consultancy should be chosen with utmost care.  Few points to be kept in mind while choosing an immigration consultancy are:

> Do your homework well. In order to find a good reliable consultancy first…

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